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New Year 2014



First of all, I wanna wish you all the very best for this new year who just started. May all your dreams and wishes come true!

I hope you all had a wonderful time during the holidays!!

I thank you all, family, friends, readers to share a part of my life with me. I was not there a lot during the Holidays, but there was so much to do.. Christmas.. birthdays.. New Year.. big boy Auguste who ate an industrial staple on New Year’s eve (we spent two days at two different hospital.. thank god he’s ok!).. seeing the family, parties… the fertility issues saga.. Awwww!

This round of fertility treatment was the hardest I ever done (I had to do some for my boy too), for 2 months I had the worst pain ever.. I did blood test last week and it was negative so my husband and I decided to stop all that chemical stuff and do something else. We will start the procedure to adopt a kid. We will have our third child, maybe not the natural way, but he or she will be love the same way as my two other kids. 2014 for our family will be filled with emotions, that’s for sure!

So since I’ll not get pregnant anymore, I’ll be able to start working out in a more serious way, that’s another big thing for 2014. I’m shopping for a juicer (I think I’ll buy the omega I found the other day on amazon) so I’ll start juicing each day. for now I’m drinking a lot of green smoothies, but I wanted to try juicing instead.. well maybe half and half, hehe. I want to make peace with my body, to be able to look at myself in the mirror and to find me beautiful (and not only on the inside, with that I have no problems at all, hehe). I would also like to return being vegan (Like I was back in the days), for now I’m what people call flexitarian.. I’m like a vegetarian but I eat meat-fish less than one a week. (Because of my husband).

Auguste will turn 1 year old in April and Dalie will turn 3 next month..

Here’s some pictures from the Holidays.. the kids had plenty of fun, we ate like Kings (Mmm homemade Christmas food!) I received almost only food related gifts..hahaha no surprises there!!! HAHAHA!! but hey, it’s fine with me!

Do you have resolutions/plans for the New Year?

Mine are.. let me think about that..

– Make peace with my body

– Exercise more

– Returning being vegetarian/vegan all the time

– Just be happy without stressing for useless things

What about you? πŸ™‚




Hope 2014 will be a fantastic year for everyone!


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!!!


DSCN9467 copy

In only few hours (I’m in Quebec) it will be January 1st 2013… so..


I’m wishing you all an amazing New Year filled with pure joy, happiness, smiles, happy moments, dreams…

On this new year our resolution may be to face our challenges with courage and confidence, to spread love and affection, to live for the future and not for the past, to try to be happier than ever, to be thankful for everything we have in life, to stay positive..

A new year is a new beginning.

Just Believe. BELIEVE that the world can be wonderful, that life can be long and filled with happiness, believe in yourselves.



Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
Martin Luther King, Jr.


What a year 2013 will be for my family… our big girl Dalie will turn 2 in February, we will welcome our 2nd child in April, it will be our 2nd wedding anniversary in August.. and this year will be the hardest for my mom who’s fighting her 3rd cancer, cerebellum cancer (brain). This year will decide what will happen with her. I believe in the power of the Universe, of Nature, they will take care of her, I’ll never stop believing she can fight, and she will never stop fighting either!

I’m only wishing for one thing this year, not success, money.. I already have everything I need and want, a wonderful and loving husband, kids, happiness.. I only want my mom back.


To end this on a happy note, I hope you’re all having a lot of fun! Don’t drink too much (Don’t be stressed for me, I never drink!) and don’t forget to be smiling.. life is beautiful!

I’ll be seeing you all in 2013!!

Lots of Love xx

2011 in review


And all this in just 5 months …

I want to thank you all! Without your visits and comments, this blog would be nothing!


I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with hapiness, health, love, inner peace and… FOOD!



Here’s an excerpt:

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