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How to freeze Basil



I love basil… A LOT! It’s so delicious!! and not only in pesto recipes, hehe. the other day my husband and kids were in the spa and I was harvesting basil leaves.. my son got excited and wanted to try some (he’s turning 16 months old soon), well he’s now a big fan, hahaha!!!

This year I planted few basil plants outside and I’m very glad I did, but since it’s producing a lot of leaves, I decided to freeze some.

In the freezer, you can keep them for around 4-6 months.

You need..

* Fresh Basil leaves



* Once the leaves are removed from the stems, wash them under cold water.

* Prepare a bowl of cold water with ice cubes in it. Set aside.

* Boil a pot of water. Blanch the leaves for 4-5 sec max. You don’t want to cook the basil and by doing this remove the flavor..

* Place the leaves into the cold water bowl so you can stop the basil from cooking.

* Lay all the leaves on a towel to let them dry.

* Once they are dry, place the leaves on cookie sheets to be able to flash freeze them. Put the sheets in the freezer (it’s very useful to have a big vertical freezer in my house to do things like that, hehe) Remove from the freezer only when they are totally frozen.

* Once frozen, begin to quickly place basil in some freezer safe containers.. Quickly because it will begin to thaw fast.

* Remove the more air you can and label your package.




How to Freeze Kale



The other day I bought 3 big bunch of kale for 0.99$ each, what a deal! I decided to freeze one bunch, dehydrate one and keep one fresh in the fridge to use this week (It’s all clean in a Tupperware, hehe)

I decided to freeze some to use in smoothies. That way I will have kale on hand anytime and it will bring some freshness in the smoothie (because it’s frozen). I looooooooove to put kale or spinach in my smoothies! There is always one of them or both in them.

Kale is fantastic, it’s low in calories, it contains a lot of calcium, vitamin K, vitamin A and iron! And iron while pregnant is important!


You need..

* Kale (I used one large bunch)



* Cut out the thick ribs oh each kale leave.

* Soak kale in water or special veggie/fruit soap (like I did) to remove any sand or dirt. Rinse kale and place on a towel and allow to dry.

* Flash Freeze kale by laying it out on a cookie sheet and placing it in freezer to freeze.

* Once frozen, begin to quickly place  kale in zip top bags or freezer safe containers.. Quickly because it will begin to thaw fast.

* Remove the more air you can and label your package.




How to freeze an avocado


DSCN8814 copy

You are all starting to know me a little more. All those who know me well know that I HATE waste, especially wasting food. Why throw something when it’s still perfect to use for something else. There is so many people starving on this planet, throwing food makes me mad.

I had a VERY ripe avocado in my fridge, it was way to mushy to use as slices, so I decided to freeze it for a future use. Sometimes people thinks that the avocado will become super brown in the freezer, but not with some lemon juice in it. I used to make avocado puree for my daughter Dalie when she was a baby (it was one of her favorite) and it was always bright green! Lemon juice is magic, hehe.

You need..

* 1 very ripe avocado

* 1 tablespoon of lemon juice



* Cut and peel the avocado.

* Place the avocado and the lemon juice in a food processor and puree.

* You can store the puree in a plastic blag, a plastic container.. it’s like you want. Write the date on it and store in the freezer. (It’s good for about 4-5 months).