How to Freeze Kale



The other day I bought 3 big bunch of kale for 0.99$ each, what a deal! I decided to freeze one bunch, dehydrate one and keep one fresh in the fridge to use this week (It’s all clean in a Tupperware, hehe)

I decided to freeze some to use in smoothies. That way I will have kale on hand anytime and it will bring some freshness in the smoothie (because it’s frozen). I looooooooove to put kale or spinach in my smoothies! There is always one of them or both in them.

Kale is fantastic, it’s low in calories, it contains a lot of calcium, vitamin K, vitamin A and iron! And iron while pregnant is important!


You need..

* Kale (I used one large bunch)



* Cut out the thick ribs oh each kale leave.

* Soak kale in water or special veggie/fruit soap (like I did) to remove any sand or dirt. Rinse kale and place on a towel and allow to dry.

* Flash Freeze kale by laying it out on a cookie sheet and placing it in freezer to freeze.

* Once frozen, begin to quickly place  kale in zip top bags or freezer safe containers.. Quickly because it will begin to thaw fast.

* Remove the more air you can and label your package.





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