(Tuesday June 10 , 2014 to Monday June 16 , 2014)

25 to go.. 🙂

Baby is :

Baby is the size of a NAVEL ORANGE



During week 15, Axel is busy moving amniotic fluid through her nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs begin to develop.

How I’m Feeling: 

I’m feeling great, well mentally great, haha! On the last day of week 15, I got my 2 last wisdom teeth removed, damn it was painful! And since I’m pregnant, I’m not taking any pain medication. At least there will be no more suffering with those teeth! After the procedure with the dental surgeon I was looking like a squirrel, hahaha! Other than that I feel great!

How I’m Changing:

I’m not changing a lot, I still have about the same bump as last week.

I still look like Pamela Anderson, hahahahahaha, I’m about to break all my t-shirts, hahaha!

I feel more and more movements.. not strong kicks, Axel is not strong enough yet, her boons need to harden before! But I clearly feel when she’s moving a lot.

What I’m Eating/What I’m NOT Eating:

I’m eating like normally, well maybe even more fruits than usually, especially kiwis!

But I don’t have a lot of appetite, so I eat small meals, and raw fruits and veggies..oh and plenty of water.. all day long!

Total Weight Gained:

Nothing yet.. on the end of week 15, on the scale it was -4.5 pounds. (And even if I have a baby bump!)


I do some weight lifting , but nothing too extreme and some elliptical. I feel great and I don’t gain tons of weight like with my daughter.

We had tons of rain so I wasn’t really able to go outside to play with the kids.. awwww!

Prenatal Care :

My next appointment is June 22, so at 16 weeks + 6 days.

Still taking my vitamins and calcium.


Best week since the beginning, I wake up in the middle of the night because I’m SUPER thirsty but I sleep well. It was about time, hahaha I finally stopped looking like a zombie 24/7, haha!

See you next week!


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