(Wednesday April 23, 2014 to Tuesday April 29, 2014)

(I was few days less that was I was thinking, so hen I saw my doctor for the firs time he corrected my due date that is now December 4, 2014, and told me exactly how many weeks I was)

32 to go.. 🙂

Baby is :

Baby is the size of a cooked  KIDNEY BEAN



During week 8, the baby is now over 1/2 inch (0.65inch) now and he (well or she!) is always moving even if I cannot feel it already. The tiny tail is almost all gone, yeah! the baby finally looks like a human.

The name is already chosen, either a boy or a girl, it will be the same, same writing too. We chose AXEL. It’s cute because my big girl Dalie is always including Axel in her stories… she include herself, her brother and the baby, how cute is that, hehe.

How I’m Feeling: 

I’m feeling great, mentaly I mean, because physically.. irshhhhhhhh! I’m ALWAYS super tired (and hey, try to sleep with a 3 year old and a 1 year old tornado in the house) and ALWAYS sick or feeling sick. I have intense headache too. But every second of all that totally worth it at the end!!! Kids are the most precious gift from life. The worst weeks are the first 15 weeks, after that, it’s way better. So until then I’ll keep smiling even when I feel like crap.

How I’m Changing:

My belly is still growing, awww I love that! Otherwise I’m loosing plenty of hair.

What I’m Eating/What I’m NOT Eating:

Hum hard one.. I’m eating.. almost nothing, hahaha! Damn you sickness!! I can eat bread.. soup.. lemonade.. apples and that’s about it. Each time that I eat something else (well almost each time, sometimes I’m a bit lucky) I’ll be sick or feel like crap for the hours after finally resulting of being sick few hours later. It’s very annoying but not new for me, with all my pregnancies I was sick as Hell until week 16-17..  Awwww I wanna eat!!!!! a big bowl a pasta, hehe! 😀 I’m even taking the only medication legal to take in Canada to calm everything (sickness) and it’s not even working, haha, again not a surprise, with all my pregnancies the medication was not super effective one me. Thanks to my husband, we have good insurances because the pills cost 200$/month. Pffffffff!! Maybe it’s working very well with most of the women, but with me.. it’s working not even half of the time.

Total Weight Gained:

In fact I’m at -2 pounds compared to my pre-pregnancy weight. But hey, no surprises here, I eat less than my 3 years old and I’m always sick, haha! After all with my son, I had lost 20 pounds in the first 16 weeks…


I’m walking outside and I go outside to play with the kids. I cannot wait to stop vomiting and feeling nauseous all day long to go back on the elliptical machine and sweat!

First Doctor Appointment :

April 22, 2014. I was in fact 7 weeks and 6 days.

I was very glad to see that my new doctor had the super fancy internal ultrasound machine. I was lucky enough to see my little Axel and even in 3D. Like with each of the ultrasounds I had with my kids, it was a magical moment. I even heard the tiny heart beating fast. Awwww! I was happy and feeling some relief to know that everything was doing fine, not that I have reasons to be stressed but because until I heard the heartbeat or until I see an ultrasound or even feel the baby move, I’m always a little stressed. But now I can breath and enjoy the pregnancy.

Can’t wait to be May 20 (not only because it’s my birthday, hehe) because I’m having a 12 weeks ultrasound in a private health center. I’ll even left with a dvd of the ultrasound and tons of pictures, yay!! I’m super excited. this time it will be the first time that my husband will be there for an ultrasound.

My next doctor’s appointment is on May 27.

I love ultrasounds pictures, they are always so awesome. Not only mine, but every child! Kids are miracles, they are the precious gift from life, they are all so beautiful! I’m never tired of looking at pictures.



Each night I wake up around 3am.. go figure why always at the same time, but I’m always super nauseous.

See you next week!


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  1. You’re right…children are a precious gift from life and I am so very blessed that you are mine 🙂

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