I’m so excited!!! I received my Wonderbag yesterday. YEAHHH!!!!! 😀 I’m talking about it for months to people around me, hahaha! Not my fault it was that long for being available in Canada. The other day I went on Amazon to see if it was available.. and… IT WAS!!! I was almost crying, haha! The crazy part.. there was only 7 available for all Canada! I was lucky that day I guess. So my dad ordered it as one of my upcoming birthday gift, muahah. That’s way too awesome!

Still don’t know what is a Wonderbag?

I strongly suggest you go take a look at their pages, it’s very well done, well explained, you’ll see, you will want one too!

Wonderbag Facebook

Wonderbag Blog

To give you a better idea, a Wonderbag is an African portable slow cooker who doesn’t need electricity to cook. Well in fact you need to boil your dish first (so only few minutes on a stove) and the bag will continue to cook your meal for up to 12 hours without needing electricity. It’s not only perfect for you kitchen, but also for camping or for bringing a meal to someone’s house. You cannot overcook your food, you cannot burn your food.. it’s just the perfect invention!





How does it work exactly? It’s super simple, you’ll see!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 7.36.33 PM


DSCN9499 DSCN9500

It’s always easier to understand with pictures. It’s so easy to use, even I kid could use it.


You boil your meal,

You put the lid on,

You put the pot in the wonderbag,

You close the wonderbag and you let your meal cook.

The best part in all that… no it’s not the fact that it is super eco friendly and super awesome.. it’s the fact that for each wonderbag that people buy, the company donate one to an African family. How awesome is that! So in the end 50$Ca is not that much when you know that there will be one donated..

I tried a recipe (I will post it right after this post) yesterday in it and it was a total success! I cannot wait to use it again.. and again… and again!!!!

What are you waiting for? 😀


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  1. What a great idea 🙂 Especially knowing that for every one bought, one is donated to someone in Africa.
    The meal looks delicious except for the brussel sprouts (really not an acquired taste of mine).

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