Beet & Pineapple Juice




On the site JUICERECIPES they have a calculator to figure what you are really drinking in term of vitamins, minerals, calories.. you can find it HERE

So in the juice (3 cups) I just made there is… (It’s like 2 big glasses)

– 273 calories,

– 28 % Daily Value (DV) of potassium,

– 187 % DV of Vitamin C,

– 36 % DV of iron

– 8% DV of Calcium

–  6 g of proteins

and much more.

I love beets.. A LOT!!!!!! And I love pineapple a lot too, so hey it’s like the perfect combination for me, hahaha! During our honeymoon in the dry region of Los Cabos, Mexico in 2012, I used to drink plenty of beet-pineapple juice (I got pregnant with my son at the same time, haha! Just the perfect holiday), so drinking that juice reminds me of these great memories. Mmmm that juice was delicious!!!

I peeled the beets since I bought them without the leaves and their skin were kind of dry.. but next time I’ll use beets with their greens (that I will juice too)




3  cups


* 1/2 large ripe pineapple

* 5 small beets (or 3 medium size)

* 1 apple



* Wash, peel (pineapple & beets), core (for the apple) and cut the fruits/veggies.

* Juice.

* Pour the juice into a strainer (over a bowl), because the beet and pineapple kind of make foam.

* Serve and Enjoy.

You can store the juice between 24-48 hours in a glass container in the refrigerator.


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