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Sucre à la creme


(In the 70ties)

This recipe for *Sucre a la creme* (I didn’t wanted to translate the name because it’s my dad’s recipe and he speaks french!) is a family recipe as old as the earth. My dad (My dad for me is one of the most important person in my life, I love him soooooooooooooo much!!!! He’s such an amazing man and he’s one of my role model in life) was for years and years a super bad cook (he was able to burn water, hahaha, hopefully my mom was there, hahaha!), but the only thing he was able to make perfectly is this recipe. He learned it from his grandma and teach it to me when I was young. Today he’s a better cook but he still make the greatest *sucre a la creme* I ever tasted.. even if mine is super good.. I don’t know why but his is always better!! Don’t ask me why, haha! It’s a Hoffman’s secret!

Let’s talk for a minute…

Before anyone say something.. I know it’s not the healthiest treat on Earth.. but I don’t care! It’s not like if I was eating that everyday.. I think I make some maybe once or twice a year, haha! And anyway.. don’t forget something.. we only have one life to live, have some fun in it! Never think of the calories in food, just try to eat good and fresh foods, that’s it!

The other day I read on a facebook page for moms a lot of moms complaining about getting stretch marks and some extra pounds after having kids telling others that they are like junk now. I was soooooooo mad and sad at the same time. I never loved myself more than the way I am now (even if before having Dalie I was super athletic). I know all the scars and stretch marks I have (and will have again, haha 10 weeks pregnant next Friday) are from the blessing I see each day of my life, my beautiful daughter Dalie. She’s my everything, I was put on Earth for one thing.. being a mom. And seeing my mom fighting all her cancers, I understand even more all the love a mom can have for her kids. So moms of everywhere, stop telling things like that, no need to be a supermodel to feel beautiful.

All humans beings are beautiful the way they are!! There’s tall, short, super slim, with curves, old, young, men, women..

Look at you in the mirror and smile, you are unique and beautiful!


16 medium squares


* 1 kg Brown sugar

* 385ml (1 can) of evaporated milk (like Carnation)

* 1 teaspoon butter (or margarine)

* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (I used my pure Mexican vanilla)

* A pinch of salt


* In a pot, (medium heat) heat milk and brown sugar until everything is melted. Add the butter, the salt and the vanilla.

* Bring to boil (still on medium heat) when it’s boiling hard, reduce heat  and cook for about 25 minutes. Stir constantly! (This is the hard part…haha!) You’ll see the mixture will soon change color and with the time it will thicken.

* After 25 minutes, you’ll have to try to make a sugar ball to see if it’s ready. There’s one easy way to do this. Take a glass of cold water and drop one spoonful in it.. Take the mixture in the water and if it you can handle it easily and roll a perfect ball, it’s ready, otherwise, continue to cook and to stir.

* Remove from heat and stir (very hard and fast this time) for 2-3 minutes.

* In a greased pan (I always use pyrex), pour the mixture.

* Refrigerate for a few hours then cut in squares.

* Enjoy!

Dehydrator test #1


The other day my mom gave us two enormous ripe pineapples.. one was eaten the same day (Oh gosh! It was DELICIOUS!), haha.. but the other one.. I thought it was about time to try my new dehydrator (because yep I received it last Christmas from my mom-in-law and never tried it…hummm what a super shame!)

I was stressed (for no reason) to try it.. so I only used half of the fruit.. I peeled it, cored it and sliced it. I added nothing else… why adding something, fruits are amazing the way they are!

It took about… 14-15 hours before the result was the way I wanted.

They taste like heaven! It’s like eating a whole pineapple in only 1 bite, it’s super concentrated, way more than the one you can buy already made and heh, no preservatives!! You can keep them for almost a year if they are in a container..but mine didn’t last, hahahaha my husband ate them all..well Dalie liked them too! So it’s a total success for my first time with a dehydrator! Next time, I’ll make some carrot chips.. we bought some at Bulk Barn the other day and it was so delicious!

(Without the other layers..)


And you.. having great ideas for me to try with my dehydrator?