Pear, Apple & Peach Puree



About 8-10 servings


* 3 ripe pears

* 2 apples (mine was Golden Delicious)

* 1 ripe peach

* water


* Remove the skin of the pears, the apples and the peach, de-seed them, slice them into small cubes.

* Boil water. Add fruit. Cook for 8-10 minutes.

* Put it in the food processor. Mix.

* You can add a small amount of water(the one that you cook the fruits with) to get a nice smooth puree.

* An effective method of preservation is freezing. The ice cube trays are very useful, inexpensive and reusable as many times as we wish. Simply place the puree in the trays to freeze it and once it is frozen, removed from the mold and put the cubes in a freezer container. Don’t forget to write the date on it. you can keep it for at least 3 months.

Keep the fruit’s cooking water. It makes an excellent fruit juice already diluted for babies.


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